7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #28: Featuring Trudy White

h1 September 16th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

Jules: This week we’re pleased to feature Australian illustrator Trudy White, who is probably best known for the internal illustrations she did in Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief (Alfred A. Knopf, 2006). Trudy’s latest book is called Could You? Would You?, first published in Australia in 2006 but just released in the U.S. by Kane/Miller (yes, we know we featured a Kane/Miller book last week as well as an Australian illustrator, and we try to mix things up here at 7-Imp, but how can we pass up the opportunity to feature both Julie Vivas and Trudy White, even if one after the other?). Could You? Would You? is a book of questions that, as Mindy pointed out in her review at propernoun.net, is a great title to use as a prompt for encouraging children to write — or to just explore and wonder about the world around them. Pictured above is the first illustration from the book, the “Could you fall asleep with all these animals? Would you wake up early or sleep in late?” page. Pictured below is a spread from the book, both sent from Trudy.

I have played with this book with my 3.5 year old, and — while some questions were a bit too sophisticated for her age — most of them really made her stop and think, and even older children will likely jump to answer each question with curiosity and enthusiasm. It’s that kind of book. And this is definitely one of those books that transcends the children’s lit label; a lot of adults, particularly of the meditative, I-wonder-if slant, would enjoy this one. Trudy’s spare drawings are both graceful and sprightly and possess her signature whimsical, relaxed style . . . As her site states, “Trudy White likes to work with pencils, watercolour, ink, nib pens, brushes, biro, computer graphics programs, collage, acrylic paint, oil paint, and textas, in books, on small pages, on large rolls of paper, on canvas and on wood. She also likes to make things out of clay and plasticine. She writes in longhand and on a computer. At the moment she is interested in owls, typography, languages and strawberries.”

Trudy suggested that we include a selection of questions from Could You? Would You? and let kicks-listers — any of you who are perhaps inclined to do so — post responses to any or all of them this week (as well as list your kicks, too, we hope). I love that excellent idea. And if you answer the questions, your name will also get put into a virtual hat, and SEVEN OF YOU CAN WIN A COPY OF THE BOOK!!! (courtesy of Kane/Miller). It really is a fun, thought-provoking (by its very nature) title, and I particularly recommend it for teachers and school librarians (who work with students of any age, in fact, from elementary to high school).

Here are Trudy’s selected questions from the book (hey, this all makes me think of this recent-ish post over at Read Write Believe):

  • How would someone find you in a crowd?
  • If your house had a secret room, what would be in there?
  • Where do you like to walk from your house?
  • How will you change as you grow up?
  • What sort of animal would you like to be?

So, answer any or all (and, yes, even though you’re adults, you can answer that fourth question — still applies!), and your name goes in the drawing. Thanks to Kane/Miller for that . . . (and, as always, you’re welcome to leave your kicks in addition to your answers to those questions — if you wanna play, that is. We know some or all of the questions might require some contemplation, so hey, you can leave your kicks and then come back and answer).

And wait! There’s more (thanks, Trudy!) . . . Here’s an image from her upcoming book, Otto, the Old Sea Dog:

And here’s what she had to say about it:

These pictures are from a book I’m working on, called Otto, the Old Sea Dog. It will be a book of about ten chapters, with a small picture every few sentences. It’s for people who are starting to read on their own. So these pictures are from a page about how Otto grew up on sailing ships and has done many things in his life: fallen in love once or twice, and learned how to drive a sports car.

I like the way you can play with words and pictures in making a book like this: so that it reads ‘sports car,’ but the car in the picture is so unlike a sports car!

I drew these pictures with a technical pen. The tip is really fine and the ink is waterproof, so I can do a watercolour wash over it afterwards and the ink won’t smudge. I am also using coloured pencil in these drawings. For Could You? Would You?, I used one of those nib pens that you dip into an inkwell. They’re hard to learn how to draw with, and sometimes make a great blob in the middle of a drawing. But they can make lines with lots of variation. For Otto, I want the pictures to be really simple and expressive. I like pictures that look like a kid did them, that are full of joy in the making. I think you can see that in pictures. I’m more concerned with that feeling than making the pictures look ‘realistic.’ There’s enough realism in real life already.

The character of Otto is based on a few things:

— My friend’s dog gave me the name, even though he was a German shorthaired pointer, and my Otto is a made-up kind of wolfhound.

— My grandfather had a friend who we visited when I was little; this friend was a retired sailor, and the backyard of his house had a real ship’s mast with rigging. He even had a bedroom with bunks and a porthole!

— Someone sang me a song once that went ‘He was an old sea dog, he could not walk on land’ and even though I know the song is about an old sailor (person), I just can’t get it out of my head that it’s about a rugged old dog that wears a cap.

I enjoy writing when I can take things I know about and look up things I don’t know, and make up the rest.

Many thanks to Trudy for her illustrations this week and for stopping by to say hi and tell us a bit more about her work!

* * * * * * *

By way of explanation for any new folks (who we hope will leave their lists), our weekly 7 Kicks list is the meeting ground for listing Seven(ish) Exceptionally Fabulous, Beautiful, Interesting, Hilarious, or Otherwise Positive Noteworthy Things from the past week (whether book-related or not) that happened to you.

***eisha’s list***

Grace Lin image, used with permission in our May 2007 interview with her1* The biggest kick of all, certainly, is the overwhelming response from fellow bloggers to the Blogging For a Cure movement. I am so very proud of everyone who is participating – the bloggers who are featuring illustrators, the illustrators who are contributing snowflakes to the auction, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and everyone involved with Robert’s Snow: for Cancer’s Cure.

2* Jules. Seriously, she is so awesome. Do you guys realize how much of the stuff that goes down on this blog is ALL HER, but she’s too sweet to take full credit? Volunteering to organize Blogging For a Cure, the idea of doing weekly 7 Kicks posts, the suggestion that we could maybe start interviewing fellow bloggers… all Jules. She is so creative, so organized, so thoughtful, so smart, and so funny, and I am so freakin’ lucky to have her as a best friend.

3* I started temping at a financial management institution this week, since I haven’t found a library job yet and I’d been getting a little cabin-feverish. It’s going pretty well, I think. They’ve been very patient with me while I figured out the dauntingly complicated multi-line phone. And it’s been a good reminder of why I became a librarian and married a set designer – I just don’t get people who wear ties and talk about money all day.

Hero by Perry Moore4* Blogwise, we’ve got a lot of cool projects coming up, including an interview with a cool blogger tomorrow, and an exclusive surprise thingy we’re going to post about Tuesday. And the Cybils are getting underway. It’s going to be a busy fall, but in a very good way.

5* I got a bunch of lovely-looking books in the mail this week; and the one I’ve started, Hero by Perry Moore, is pretty good so far.

6* I found out about a restaurant in town, Madeline’s, that has incredible desserts. I had something called The B-52, which involved a lot of rich dark chocolate and liquor, and just blew my mind with chocolatey goodness.

7* My sister told me about a singer/songwriter that she thought I’d like, Brandi Carlile, and sent me this video of her song “The Story.” I do, in fact, like it very much:


I lovelovelove our art from the fabulous Trudy White this week, and I love the questions she’s selected for us to play with. Here’s my answers:

How would someone find you in a crowd?
Unless I’m in the front row of the crowd, they probably wouldn’t – I’m 5’1″. But the feature people usually use to describe me if they’re trying to find me is my hair – it’s long, straight, and dark blonde/light brown.

If your house had a secret room, what would be in there?
A soft comfy couch and a reading lamp, so I could read and take naps without being disturbed.

Where do you like to walk from your house?
Everywhere – I love our neighborhood, and we’re so close to downtown I can walk almost anywhere I want to go. But the best: if I take the slightly longer way to my favorite coffee house, I get to walk by a river (well, maybe a creek) for a block or so.

How will you change as you grow up?
I hope I’ll get more self-confident, less self-conscious, and basically get my shit together.

What sort of animal would you like to be?
Is there something that’s an herbivore, and can fly, and swim, and run really fast? No? I guess a bird, then. Or an otter.


Jules is out of town this weekend, hopefully having a fabulous time with her family, but she wanted me to pass on her kicks: she’s also thrilled about how well-received the Bloggers For a Cure project has been, and she’s also super-excited about our projects this week, especially the super-secret Tuesday thing. And now, we’d love to hear from the rest of you. What kicks have you had this week?

28 comments to “7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #28: Featuring Trudy White”

  1. Oh, you two! I was in kind of a “meh” funk this morning, and then I saw that illustration and something in me just flopped over for a belly rub. Aaaaw! And then I got to those fabulous questions, and the cute red “sports” car and I listened to that Brandi Carlile song and I smiled at the mental picture of Eisha as an otter lying on a comfy couch eating a B-52 chocolate bomb. But most of all, my brain started turning those questions over and over, and voila! No more funk.

    How to find me in a crowd:

    The super-secret-draw-no-attention-to-either-of-us way: Look at each person’s right hand. When you find the one that always has a ruby ring that’s the color of love on the fourth finger, stop and introduce yourself.

    The I-don’t-care-who-sees-us method: Hire Paul Simon to play “Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes.” I’ll find you on the dance floor.

    The rest of those questions, well, they’re so blog worthy, that I may have to devote a post to them!

    Biggest kick this week: I’m reading The Book Thief, finally. And look who you featured today.

    Also: I tried a new fitness class at my gym, I had lunch with a friend, the weather is perfect, apples are crunchy again, and I only owe the library 50 cents.

  2. How fun are these illustrations. I am pondering the questions and will return.
    My 7 kicks are
    1. Getting to learn about new illustrators for “Bloggin’ for the Cure”. How cool to get that organized Jules.
    2, Got feedback from my principal this week, something positive she noticed I was doing with my classes.
    3. Took care of the weed forest on the side of my hours. Seriously, they were above my head, tall spindly weed trees.
    4, Two posts written on my blog. Been hard to get into the swing of things since school started.
    5. Evening walks with my husband and two weiner dogs.
    6. My kidlit blogging t-shirt and coffee mug arrived.
    7. Good feedback on a piece of writing for the national boards.
    Have a fabulous week.

  3. Another week of lovely art! And you guys are amazing with the Blogging for a Cure thing. I’m giving you two this week’s five star award.

    My kicks:
    1. The other day, a friend took me down to see this cave next to the lower falls on the Genesee River (http://farm1.static.flickr.com/91/222656459_828790b3ee.jpg?v=0, http://farm1.static.flickr.com/72/223149530_3cb1e9bae6.jpg?v=0). I’d had no idea it was there, and it was very cool.
    2. One reason it was so cool is that we saw a river otter while we were down there. I’ve never seen one outside a zoo. It was like magic.
    3. I also saw a big ol’ salmon do a big ol’ flip out of the water at the bottom of the falls.
    4. I also ate homemade ice cream this week. Mmmmmm.
    5. My car didn’t break down even once.
    6. Yesterday I purchased a new pair of pants that I’m pretty much in love with, which makes me feel slightly better about the way the weather’s turning.
    7. This week is JAMPACKEDFULL of things I’m looking forward to.

    Good week. 🙂

  4. Hello Ladies,
    It’s been a while since I”ve been to visit. My mom had suregery for colon cancer on my birthday at the end of August, so life has been turned upside down. I seem to be back on track theses days and have much to celebrate.
    1. Mom is finally home from the hospital and hanging in there. Surgery will be the only treatment for her, so we’re all hoping it works for a while.
    2. William had a fantastic first two weeks of school. He loves his teacher and is very happy.
    3. William and I spend Friday afternoon’s at the library. After picking out his books he sat on the floor of the 811 section (poetry!) and read with me. He even picked out a few to bring home.
    4. I’m thrilled to be participating in Blogging for the Cure and the Cybils.
    5. Nineteen days and counting until I fly to Chicago for Robin Brande’s shindig. I can’t wait!
    That’s all for today. Have a great week everyone.

  5. Hi Ladies,
    I answered the questions on my blog. You can find the answers at:

  6. Sara, I’m glad Trudy was able to help you out of your funk. And I love your answer to the first question.

    Jone, I LOVE weiner dogs! And congrats on getting noticed by the principal.

    adrienne, that is so freakin’ cool – I want to go there so bad. And I’m glad your car woes have been on hiatus.

    Tricia, I’m so sorry about your mom, and I hope she has a speedy recovery. That image of you and William parked on the floor in the 811s is lovely.

  7. Wow, Trudy White’s book is right up my alley. I’m off to the library website to request it right after I write my 7 kicks and answer the questions.

    First, the 7 kicks:
    1) My friend Phil’s meme about one’s life in music albums (I’ve got mine posted on the blog) really got me excited and interested about music again.

    2) I got my first blog-related swag yesterday from Sugar Mountain PR: the “cELLAbration” DVD that commemorates Ella Jenkins’ contributions to children’s music plus a harmonica. Just call me “Big Headed Hot Shot!”

    3) Weight loss and fitness continues to progress.

    4) Nutritional yeast and melted buttery-substance on toast– it’s a treat that’s a bit healthy too. Marmite and Vegemite fans will understand.

    5) My family got some financial help in the form of a gift from my deceased maternal grandparents.

    6) Doctor Who season 2 from the library.

    7) New fabric from my auntie. Now I need to make a dress!

    The Questions:

    1) The way someone would best find me in a crowd would be to yell, “I love the Giving Tree and I’m going to read it to children everywhere!” I’d find that person immediately and pick an argument. However, if someone just wants to find me without drawing attention, all that person has to do is whisper, “What should I read next?”

    2) The secret room in my house would be completely empty with a large window in the wall looking out toward Mount Rainier. No kidding. I dream of a room with nothing in it.

    3) I like to walk to the library. Right now, my local branch is closed for renovations. Crivens! It was just fine for my needs, I thought.

    4) How I hope to change as I grow up is to be more confident, creative and wise… and more physically fit.

    5) The sort of animal I’d like to be would have soft fur, every need met, plenty of comfortable places to take naps, and have the ability to read books and play guitar. In other words, I’d be a cat with opposable thumbs.

  8. Hi, everyone! I run the risk of looking like a blog-addict here, but my trip was short, you see, so I’m already back and (mostly) settled and checking in.

    Eisha, you’re too, too kind for those sweet words. But I did need to hear something sweet today. Thank you.

    And I like that Brandi Carlile song, too. And what you said about being a librarian and marrying a theatre nerd.

    Sara, The Book Thief is what gave birth to the 7 Kicks lists! In particular, one excerpt from it did. I thought, this is literary perfection, this moment is. But, since we tend to focus on new books here at 7-Imp (sometimes I feel badly for not giving focus to older books, but shoot, gotta have a focus, or we’ll be all over the place, not to mention: Not enough hours in my day as it is). Anyway, since we focus on newer titles, I thought the kicks lists would be a good way to share stuff like that. Here’s the link, but I guess if you’re not done with the book, you might wanna wait to read it — unless you don’t care about spoilers?

    And, Sara, I LOVE these things: Your first answer to the being-found-in-a-crowd question; the flopping-over-for-a-belly-rub metaphor; that you’re reading The Book Thief; and that we managed to cheer you up, without even knowing we needed to.

    Jone, I KNOW! Learning about these new illustrators — and all these new blogs. 65 bloggers signed up. YES, THE LIST IS DONE (as of last night)!!!!! (this is how I know there are a total of 65) — and lots of bloggers sat back graciously and just wanted to support/help publicize the idea — like Sara, for instance — so we’re good to go. Anyway, reading about all these new blogs who signed up is hard when I need more hours in my day to read them, and I’m already behind on my blog-reading.

    And, Jone, congrats on the positive principal feedback.

    Adrienne, no car woes this week! YAY! Congrats on the otter-spotting and a great week.

    Tricia, happy belated birthday, and I’m glad your mom’s surgery went well. I hope her recovery is an easy one. Going to go read your Trudy responses in a moment.

    Alkelda, congrats on the DVD. ELLA ROCKS. She’s the queen of children’s music.

    My Trudy Answers (though my name won’t go into the drawing; I was able to tell you about this great book today, thanks to a review copy from Kane/Miller):

    1) how to spot me in a room: “Grace” isn’t exactly my middle name. I’m probably the one falling on my face, tripping over gravity in a moment of bumbliness (is that a word?).

    2). secret room: filled with books, a comfy chair for reading, no interruptions (this is a DREAM to me right now with two young kids) and a coffee pot and lots of yummy coffee — maybe throw in one of those B-52s Eisha found.

    3) to the library, though it’s a bit far-ish

    4) as I grow, I hope to find more grace and NOT be the person who enters into a room by stumbling into it…..I saw an interview with Haven Kimmel online, and she sat there so centered and self-composed (and not stumbly and bumbly and all gesture-y like me when I talk — she never ONCE raised her hands), and I wonder, will I EVER be like that? Maybe I don’t even need to be, but it’d be nice to be for one day maybe….

    5) a deer.

  9. Whew, that was a long comment. Sorry…..

    And I forgot to say: I love that line from that song, “All of these lines across my face tell the story of who I am.” At least that’s what it sounded like she was singing. It always makes me sad to hear women complain about getting older, ’cause . . . well, for that reason. But then, I may change my mind when I turn 60. Who knows…..

  10. Hi everyone; taking a break from my packing to share my kicks. I love Trudy’s style. She certainly does capture the “drawings that look like a kid drew them” thing well. It is amazing that seemingly simple line drawings can create an emotional connection. Look at the girl with the L-O-N-G arms :)! Eisha, I’m with you on the ties and money talk jobs. I temped for awhile and was always grateful it was just that — temporary. I’m sure you’ll bring your creative spin to the phone answering dilemma. And we miss you, Jules!

    My kicks:

    1. Dined with visiting aunt at Gadsby’s Tavern in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Carrots were too raw, salmon a tad overcooked, and chairs very uncomfortable (I asked the waiter if they were over 200 years old, like the rest of the tavern.) But, it was awesome thinking of George Washington and his friends hanging out there, and Jefferson hosting his inaugural ball upstairs. I felt very colonialish.

    2. Blogging for a Cure. What a kick to be able to participate in such a worthwhile event, and feature 3 of my favorite illustrators! Kudos to you both for organizing and caring so much.

    3. Reading something totally delicious: LITERARY FEASTS by Sean Brand. I always read in bed, and the other night, cracker crumbs fell out of the pages. I think it came from Samuel Pepys.

    4. Elaine Magliaro’s PF poem that she wrote for Robert Mercer: “Things to Do If You Want to be a Snowflake.”

    5. Beautiful, cooler weather.

    6. Viewing the awesome Robert’s Snow snowflakes from 2004 and 2005. Grace Lin’s “Joy” took my breath away.

    7. Sunflower seeds.

  11. Oh, Eisha, I want one of those B-52s. And thanks for this week’s post. Trudy’s work is very cool. I posted my response to her questions at my own blog.

    For my kicks this week:

    1. I reviewed a bunch of wonderful picture books yesterday.
    2. Last night we went to dinner at our favorite local restaurant, Teske’s Germania, and had a great time. Then we went to Safeway and got multiple kinds of ice cream, and went home and made hot fudge sundaes. It was a very decadent evening.
    3. The Cybils are getting underway, and I’m excited about the people I’ll be working with on the MG/YA nonfiction committee.
    4. I got a beautiful mug in the mail, with chocolate, from Shrinking Violet Promotions.
    5. I watched the BBC/Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice for the first time this week. So wonderful! Colin Firth really can channel Darcy, can’t he?
    6. My blog was nominated as an “Adultitis Antidote” by Kim and Jason at Escape Adulthood I was very pleased. And I’ve discovered some other neat new blogs because of it.


  12. I left my answers to the questions from Trudy on my blog. I discovered Brandi Carlise this summer while in Boston (on WBOS radio) and I love her stuff!!

    My kicks for this week:

    1. Today felt like FALL when I woke up this morning, could the end of 90 degree temps here in Georgia be a thing of the past??

    2. the Red Sox won yesterday and are still 5.5 games up in the American League!

    3. I finished the book Water for elephants this weekend for my first book club meeting tomorrow at school, and it was a book I never would have picked up on my own, but I really enjoyed it!

    4. i survived my first month at a new school (and have found that I LOVE my new job)

    5. i got to watch both my boys play sports yesterday. one won (baseball game) and one lost (football) but i am so thankful that i am able to see these events. I saw a friend’s son yesterday at the football game before ours. She passed away a year ago and all I could think of was how much she would have loved to see her son play ball.

    6. I played tennis today (doubles in a competitive league match), although we lost, it was a beautiful day and it was fun being with neighbors outside.

    7. I won $20 on friday night in my neighborhood bunko group (a dice game, mainly just an excuse for a girls night out)

    Have a good week!!

  13. I don’t know if I’ve commented here before, but I love this game,and the book looks terrific. I loved the illustrations to The Book Thief. I just posted my answers to your questions at my blog: http://tortoiselessons.blogspot.com/2007/09/playing-along.html

    As for my kicks, I’m starting to enjoy my sabbatical , the weather is cooling off, I finished a knitting project, I’m learning to knit lace (slowly!), I worked out three times this week (more than a long time), I took Friday off to cook Indian food, and I have a new desk in my office!

  14. If your house had a secret room, what would be in there?

    I’d hide all the crap and clutter that is in the other rooms in my house.

    I’m not in a very 7-kickish mood having NOT cleaned my house this weekend as I was SUPPOSED to do. However, that is because…

    1. it was such a lovely day outside today that I decided to clean up the garden instead. A kick? Yes, if you can be outside with your family and neighbors and feel good about accomplishing something but…
    2. I didn’t do the house cleaning on Saturday, because the family went to a free family films showing of a short films festival. The films were very good and…
    3. afterwards we walked through an Arts Festival in DC, which felt like a pretty hip thing to do and…
    4. I bought some great earrings made out of Chinese coins. (Okay, done with that progression.)
    5. I think I’ve placed most of the girls under my Girl Scout troop organizers care.
    6. Read some good books. Need to write about them, I guess.
    7. The girls are both loving their teachers this year.

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  16. Here are my answers to the questions:

  17. Well I am befuddled. I have no idea how the comment appreared before I put my link in. It must have happened when I linked in my posting. Weird.

  18. In haste now, but I wanted to quickly say hi to everyone and thanks for visiting, ESPECIALLY THE NEW FOLKS! (YES, I’M YELLING THIS! New visitors make me happy).

    Some of our regulars aren’t here this week; I can only assume it’s the cooler, more awesome weather, a great reason to NOT be online today. But thanks to all who visited.

    We’ll be in touch soon about the book winners . . .

  19. Hi guys! I still don’t have the net at home so wrote this but didn’t around to the library yesterday. Sorry – and now I don’t have time to read anyone’s lists either! I will try to get back this week.

    Anyway, for some nice things:

    1. We have a phone line and phone! It is a great treat to be able to call home whenever we feel like it and not spends squillions of dollars.
    2. I got to go to Scotland for work this week! The older part of Glasgow was much nicer than I had been led to expect (the tenements on the way in though were a different matter!). The countryside was pleasingly Scottish and Edinburgh was sunny and lovely.
    3. My youngest sister stayed with us for a few nights at the start of a European trip. It was so nice to see her and we’ll hopefully catch up again in London in a month.
    4. I’ve found that shops here stock a better range of sizes than Australia, presumably as the market is larger in general. So while shopping for new work clothes still isn’t fun, I have at least been in the situation where I can choose between outfits based on appearance rather than just if they fit!
    5. Today I went on a birding for beginners walk and have learnt to recognise lots more bird calls and songs. I continue to be bamboozled by the number of birds who come for winter, birds who come for summer and birds who stop over on their way somewhere else!
    6. After that I enjoyed my first walk through public pathways on private land. It seems strange to walk over someone else’s property but a lunch eaten sitting on a hillside in the sun has already convinced me of its merits. And we flushed a brace of pheasants out from the bushes as we walked – surprising but great to watch!
    7. And to continue the wildlife theme, I have seen two different types of deer in the wild already!

    Fingers crossed I can rejoin the blogsphere by next week!

  20. Boy, have we missed you, Emmaco. Yay for all the bird calls!

  21. The book sounds wonderful!

    How to find me in a crowd…
    I’m the one trying to melt into the background while I scan the room looking for a friendly face.

    The secret room in my house, would be my oasis away from all the craziness in my household. I’m thinking it would be great reading and writing room, with comfy leather club chair and ottoman, a desk, mini refrigerator stocked with food and drink, and for convenience sake, a bathroom. Then the kids definitely couldn’t interrupt me!

    I live near a college campus, so it’s great walking around, reflecting back on my college days…

    I’d like to be more courageous, risk taker as I get older. Funny how I’ve gotten more introverted and “safe” as I’ve gotten older. Also more together and physically fit.

    I’d like to be a cheetah. Fast, agile. Clever.

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  23. Brandi Carlile is amazingggg – I LOVE that song!!! I’m glad you like it too!

  24. I am late jumping in, but my answers are up today here.

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  28. If I had a secret room in my house, it would be a small room full of green leaf sunlight from the window. It would be full of the books that I’ve been meaning to read. The most notable thing in this room is the complete absence of clocks. You can’t tell what time it is here, but more than that, time doesn’t move forward here. You enter the room and stay as long as you like, and when you leave it, life resumes right where you left it. Ahh. My ultimate fantasy.

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