Checking in and Touching Base . . .
including a Blogging For a Cure Update

h1 September 17th, 2007 by jules

Jules here. We had a blogger interview with the fabulously hip HipWriterMama planned for today, but we will feature that on Wednesday of this week. Tomorrow we have a surprise for our readers, particularly those of the picture-book-slant. And I hope to actually review a middle-grade or YA book some time soon, perhaps even today?? We had Radar Week and then Picture Book Week and then the Robert’s Snow call to bloggers . . . whew. We’ll get caught up on reviews soon.

image from Robert's Snow by Grace Lin, used with permission in our May '07 Lin interviewHere is a finalized list of all the blogs who will be participating in the upcoming multi-blog effort to drive traffic to the Robert’s Snow site during their online auctions. All the snowflake-makin’ illustrators from this initial list have been snagged up by over 60 blogs, and we’ll be featuring them and their ’07 snowflakes and directing wannabe snowflake-buyers to the auction sites (I posted the Call to Bloggers on Thursday, and by Saturday evening we had all the bloggers we needed for over 150 illustrators!). Details as to when that all begins are to come soon . . . (If there were more hours in my day, those blogs in the linked list would be hyperlinked for you, but for now you’ll have to cut and paste if you want to visit some of them. Isn’t that an impressive turn-out?).

To be clear, there were many bloggers who expressed interest in participating but sat back and offered to let others highlight, promising to help spread the word and publicize this multi-blog, cross-posting effort when the time comes (or even assist other bloggers), such as Read Write Believe; Robin Brande; Journey Woman; JacketFlap; The Reading Tub; Miss Erin; Jen Robinson; Bottom Shelf Books; Roz Fulcher; Liz In Ink; and I’m sure more that I’m perhaps forgetting. I’m mentioning this now a) out of gratitude and b) ’cause they’re not on the linked list (the linked list features bloggers who will actually be highlighting a snowflake-makin’ illustrator — or two or three or four or five).

Many thanks to all you bloggers out there for your interest in this event . . . And, again, more details later as to when the illustrator-features begin. Until then . . .

6 comments to “Checking in and Touching Base . . .
including a Blogging For a Cure Update”

  1. Add me to the loud-mouthed spread the word group once you’re at that stage … I have no skill in discussing illustrations/illustrators other than to use the words “ooh” and “aah” over and over again.

  2. Will do, Mitali. Thanks!

  3. Hello Stranger! I’m about to sit down and link up. Can’t wait to see all the beautiful snowflakes. What a great community.

  4. thanks, bryn!

  5. Sorry I missed the call guys – I’ll definitely spread the word once the illustrator features start. I hadn’t head about Robert’s death until just now and it will be good to help in a small way.

  6. […] of Macauley! I’m going to be hosting his Robert’s Snow snowflake here during the Blogging for a Cure event. Go read all about it at the amazing Seven Impossible Things. I’m also hosting […]

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