Blogging for a Cure: An Update

h1 September 15th, 2007 by jules

Grace Lin image, used with permission in our May 2007 interview with herHi, everyone. The response to the recent post about our multi-blog effort to drive traffic to the upcoming Robert’s Snow online auctions was overwhelmingly positive. Whoa. THANK YOU to each and every blogger who posted about this and spread the word and/or signed up to feature an illustrator. I especially want to thank those who posted about it, because I (Jules) haven’t had time to read all the posts yet, and I’m sure there were some lovely ones written. And I want to commend all the bloggers for being so patient and gracious about choosing folks. There was never once a moment of bickering over choosing one illustrator over another; not that I expected you all to be that way. Thanks for making it easy.

As of this moment in which I’m composing this post (Friday evening), we have had approximately sixty children’s lit bloggers/authors/illustrators/editors/etc. (but all bloggers, of course) respond, wanting to feature snowflake-makin’ illustrators, and some emails are still trickling in. Approximately 145 illustrators (of the 156 we were given) have been snatched up to be featured by bloggers. That leaves ten-ish illustrators left, whom I have no doubt will get snagged in no time flat. In other words, I really think we’ll get the entire list covered; there are more to come who have yet to finish their snowflakes, according to Dana-Farber, but even if this is all we get covered, that’s a lot.

I am 99.9% sure I’ve gotten back to everyone, but if, by some chance, you emailed me and I missed getting back to you, oh please please do contact me again. And, if so, I apologize, but — again — the emails came pouring in. I am pretty darn sure I’ve crossed all i’s and dotted all t’s here, but I’m just saying, for the record . . .

Thanks again to one and all. We will keep our 7-Imp readers up-to-date on when exactly this will all be launched. Please be patient while we work out the details; obviously, organization is key here. If you are a blogger who will be participating, let me quickly say that you should have gotten a big ‘ol email about the entire event (an update of sorts — actually, a few emails by now), so if — for some reason — you did not receive it, let Jules (who promises to get back to middle-grade and YA reviews soon!) know asap at seventhings *at* blaine *dot* org.

As someone else put it, let it snow!

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  1. Jules,

    I don’t know how you’ve managed to do so much in a few short days. I want to send my sincere thanks to you and Eisha for spearheading this effort involving bloggers in the promotion of Robert’s Snow 2007. I also want to send my thanks to all the bloggers who will be taking part in “Blogging for a Cure.”

  2. I left a message in the original post also. I hope there is still someone available for me to highlight on my blog. And thank you to Elaine for linking this and helping spread the word.

  3. I’m one of the illustratort participating in the Robert Snow Auction but I would love to highlight some illustrators on my blog as well.
    Please send me 3 names to contact. Thanks!

  4. If you have any illustrators still not signed up to a blog, I’d be delighted to host one. My blog isn’t the most well-known (Ellsworth’s Journal). I’m already participating in Scrap-Pink, a month-long cancer survivor effort for scrapbookers, in honor of my sister, a 7 year survivor of throat cancer. I’d be honored to feature an illustrator on Ellsworth’s Journal and promise that Winchester and Ellsworth (the blog hosts) will give the event a proper venue.

    My blog is at

    Thanks, Candice Ransom

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