7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #14: Featuring Sean Qualls

h1 June 10th, 2007 by Eisha and Jules

illustration -- 'Dizzy on Stage' -- by Sean Qualls; click on image to visit his siteMany, many thanks to Sean Qualls for our 7 Kicks illustration this week. This is “Dizzy on Stage” from the fabulous Dizzy by Jonah Winters, published last year (Arthur A. Levine Books). Finally reading this book was one of Jules’ 7 Kicks last week, and we wondered, hey, could we get an illustration from the honorable Mr. Qualls for next week’s list? And here it is! Make sure you don’t miss his site (we were torn between putting up a Dizzy photo or one of the other fabulous non-children’s-lit-related pieces of art work you’ll see there if you click on “illustrations”).

Scott Magoon’s already committed to the illustration for next week’s list! Excellent. Can’t wait to see that one . . .

Okay, let’s get to the lists then. Here’s our usual intro for any new people: It’s time for another installment of 7-Imp’s 7 Kicks. For those new to our series, this is where we all stop in every Sunday to report seven (more or less is fine) Good Things that happened to you (or that you read or saw or experienced or . . . well, you get the picture) this week. Absolutely anyone is welcome to contribute, and your lists don’t have to be book-related.

* * * * * * eisha’s list (wait, is she here? She might be buried in books) * * * * * *

* * * * * * * Jules’ list * * * * * * *

1). Eisha representing 7-Imp in MotherReader’s 48-Hour Book Challenge — I did have a storytelling gig yesterday, but the primary reason I can’t participate is that wee young children laugh (sometimes literally) at the idea of a parent just dropping everything to read. I get my reading done in little windows of time anymore. But I’m proud to have Eisha taking up the challenge in the name of 7-Imp. Eisha will represent well. (She’s even been keeping us updated).

2). My storytelling gig from yesterday — Since I haven’t done storytelling in a while, I was excited yet a bit anxious. It was for a good cause, a literacy promotion project through Hands On Nashville. And I learned a whole new story for it, The Rough-Face Girl (Algonquin Indian version of Cinderella, based on this Native American legend), which is just beautiful. And I re-learned “The Stonecutter” and a fable from India entitled “The Lion and the Rabbit.” I used my big, huge felt board with original felt board characters for the latter two, which might sound corny, but I’ve told “The Stonecutter” before to urban, inner-city fifth graders using that felt board, and you could have heard a pin drop in the room. Since students today are increasingly plopped in front of computer programs at younger and younger ages, they seem to dig those old-skool storytelling techniques (at least that’s my theory).

Anyway, all went well. I knew so when a young boy in front of me said, Man, that’s tiiiiiiight yo at the image of the Invisible Being’s sled runner being made out of the Spirit Road, the Milky Way of stars that spreads across the sky (I memorized the story but just had to color copy and show them David Shannon’s beautiful illustrations from the 1992 picture book adaptation).

Unfortunately, on my way home, someone decided to rear-end me, but everyone’s okay, so that’s good.

3). Finally getting around this week to watching the (truly) awesome Planet Earth BBC series on DVD that my husband bought for the whole fam damily.

4). Seeing the 1964 short film of “I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” sung by Burl Ives (produced by the National Film Board of Canada) with my daughters. It’s really funky, y’all, and very funny. (And the same DVD on which I found this — Scholastic’s 2005 Weston Woods release of The Wheels on the Bus
. . . and More Sing-Along Favorites
— contains not only a great short piece of Paul O. Zelinsky’s bus coming to life, but also an animated adaptation of I Want a Dog by Dayal Kaur Khalsa, complete with NEKO CASE SINGING SONGS ALL OVER IT! I love Neko Case! Woo hoo! What a nice surprise to hear).

5). Getting more review copies of various and asundry titles in the mail. Even though it makes my to-be-read pile even more unmanageable, it’s not a bad problem to have.

6). Some REALLY GREAT children’s poetry I read this week, which I hope to post about soon.

7). The advice on storytelling that author Nancy Crocker gave me, which I won’t share, ’cause I failed to ask for her permission, but my god, she’s funny.

* * * * * * * eisha, sneaking in all last-minute * * * * * * *

Wait! I’m here, I’m here! I don’t have a lot of time or eyesight left to post kicks, but I can share a few:

1* That story Jules just told about the kid at her storytelling gig.

Lady Vengeance2* I saw two great movies on DVD this week. The first one was Lady Vengeance. It is definitely not for everyone, what with the David Lynch-ian humor and lots o’ violence (including a scene that, while not graphically violent, was so utterly evil that I couldn’t watch, and I will probably never be the same). But I loved it.

3* The second was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I remember this one being in the theaters, but I don’t remember anyone I know seeing it. Why the hell not? It’s capital-A AWESOME.

4* Peaches. Got some lovely ripe ones earlier this week, and they were delicious.

5* Rekindled my love of Mexican Cocoa thanks to Jules’s compliment on our 8 Things Meme post, and discovered that using Green & Black’s “Maya Gold” Organic Hot Chocolate makes it even better. That hint of orange peel takes it to eleven.

Douglas Adams (I miss you SO BAD!)6* I found out that my health insurance coverage at work will last until September, by which time our coverage through my husband’s new job should have kicked in. So we don’t have to pay the $1500 a month for COBRA family coverage. Whew!

7* We figured out how we can afford to hire movers: by driving a U-Haul truck ourselves, and just hiring a moving company to help us load it, and another one to help us unload in Ithaca. Brilliant! We’ll save about $1,000, and I don’t have to figure out how to get a couch up those stairs, through that door, down that narrow hallway, and into the living room. I was having all sorts of Dirk Gently nightmares about it.

Looking forward to everyone’s lists . . .

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  1. Hey girls ! Eisha, I hope you survive MR’s 48HBC !! I feel bad that I wimped out on it this year…

    Jules, glad to hear you had a great time with the story telling gig.

    This has been a helluva week (as you Americans would say!), so I don’t know if I’ve got 7 Kicks, but I’m going to try.

    1 – I got to keep my job – albeit I now have to work from home, proofing online. Initially I was very annoyed and upset at this news, but now that I’m getting Broadband (more on that in a moment), I’m trying to see the positive side – that I should be able to earn more money but work less hours, giving me more writing time. Sounds crazy, but it’s what I’ve been told by those already doing the online proofing.

    2 – I’m getting Broadband – the kit should be here by the end of the week. This is largely thanks to the Amazing Kelly H generously organising some very generous Bloggers into making donations to a “fighting fund” to keep me online. You folks are totally AWESOME ! I love you all !

    3 – I’ve re-read Diana Wynne Jones’ A Tale of Time City this week – it’s even better than I remembered.

    4 – I’m currently re-reading Marcus Sedgwick’s The Foreshadowing, which is just as awesome on a second reading and which I never would have read if Kelly hadn’t sent it to me to read for “The Edge” – making Kelly my BFF (as MR would say) !

    5 – The second part of Paul Cornell’s “Doctor Who” two-parter was EVERY bit as good as I’d been told it would be. It didn’t make cry as much some folk had predicted, but it was still totally awesome, beautiful story telling, and David Tennant is a GOD among actors.

    6 – Because of all the stress over work, I didn’t get any writing done until yesterday – but then I made up for it by writing the opening paragraph to my non-Who tale which I hope is going to be a real hook to the tale.

    7 – I had a gorgeous, long (and expensive) lunch with my friend Lesley who is moving away from Oxford shortly. She allowed me to rabbit on about my writing and whinge about work for an hour and a half – what a saint ! Even nicer, she gave me a farewell gift from herself and her daughter: a small memo book with a cat on the front, a larger hardback notebook (also with a cat on the front) and a keyring fob – it’s black, with white script on it that says “Mrs David Tennant” and a tiny red heart. I fell about laughing when I saw it and she said my whole face lit up with glee. It’s probably the only ring I’ll ever get relating to David, but it’s totally Kick-worthy in my eyes !

    Wow ! I made it to 7 after all – Yay !

    Good luck to everyone who’s doing MR’s 48HBC – you rock !

  2. Hi, Michele! I am really relieved to read that it might work out after all for you to work at home — earning more money, working less hours, more writing time? That’s good and seems to have worked out for the best, no? Yay! I work from home, and I love it, sitting around and working in my pajamas if I want to (though you do get *really* tired of seeing the inside of your house). Anyway, I’m still sorry about the news that you were downsized, but I’m glad it seems to have worked out for the best.

    Eisha, those movies sound good. Will have to look into them. I’m determined to actually get out soon and see a movie with my husband — an actual date — ’cause it’s been too long since we saw movies (before we had kids, I said, we will NOT be one of those couples who says, we haven’t seen a movie in five years, ’cause of the children, but, well, we are). Everyone keeps talking about how funny and cleverly-scripted “Knocked Up” is, so I wanna see that. Anyway, thanks for the movie tips. And congrats on a good moving plan and insurance news. Excellent and woo hoo!

  3. Jules, I’m glad the accident wasn’t bad. And Planet Earth was on my very first list back in March (I just checked), so it’s cool to see it popping up on yours!

    Eisha, I can’t believe you managed to post during the challenge! And you sound like the moving Queen. I’ll come back for advice when we get around to moving.

    I’m glad you had seven happy things in your week despite the initial bad news, Michele!

    My list:

    1. My part of the state had the best rain it’s had in over 2 years! It was great to look outside and see it raining all day. Some even made it into the dams.
    2. Today was the 3-year anniversary of the death of our uncle. This obviously isn’t a happy thing but we have a gathering of family and friends at a pub each year on the anniversary. It’s always a lovely day. I know Greg would have loved us all gathering for drinks!
    3. We got to meet a relative’s baby for the first time. She’s 5 months old and very cute. I even got a cuddle.
    4. I’m up the second stage of interviewing for a great job! Even if I don’t get it it’s very cheering to have got this far.
    5. Yummy Thai for dinner at a friend’s place tonight.
    6. I’ve actually read some new books this week! Yes, I have broken my comfort re-reading cycle!
    7. Tomorrow is a public holiday! And even though I still have to do some work it feels like a holiday to know other people are at home. Plus, there’s no need to get out of pyjamas until I want to go for a walk in the afternoon!

  4. Emmaco, ooh ooh good luck with the interviews! That’s exciting. I’d ask you to tell us about the job, but if you don’t feel comfortable talking about it while you’re interviewing, we’d understand.

    Okay, getting offline now and will check lists later.

  5. Posted my 7 kicks at my blog:

  6. And am copying & pasting them here:

    1. Exams went relatively smoothly; even when I didn’t have quite enough copies of a test I was able to pull out the ones I’d given to seniors (who get to take their exams early) and thus salvage the situation.

    2. One of my students said to me, “I really like you as a teacher and appreciate everything you’ve done for me.” That was nice.

    3. I got lots of stuff in the mail, including a mini-trampoline!

    4. I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End a second time.

    5. While listening to Celia Rees’s Pirates! (you can expect a review sometime), I realized that I actually know a lot about pirates and should not set aside my plan to write the Great YA Pirate Novel in which two sisters are pirates together and Romantic Love Does Not Save The Day. (I’m all in favor of romantic love, but sometimes I get weary of its effect in pirate stories. cf. Tanith Lee’s Piratica.)

    6. I decided to prep myself for writing my Great YA Pirate Novel, I should read lots of children’s and YA pirate novels, and also lots of pirate-related non-fiction, and was thus inspired to create Summer 2007: The Summer of Piracy, A Pirate Challenge.

    7. I happened upon piratelifeforme and piratefanatic, who I liked BEFORE I knew they had pirate-related LJ usernames; and in reading piratefanatic’s posts about ALA and piratelifeforme’s profile revealing his interest in a possible library science career, made the joyful revelation that former students can be future colleagues. (The distinction one must make between “student” and “friend” is pretty key in teaching, which is hard when you have AWESOME students as I often do. Once they graduate, though, they’re totally fair game as friends/colleagues. I had a couple students this year who claim they shall test my statement of this fact by coming back once they’ve been away for a year or so and asking to be my friend.)

  7. Jules, emmaco – thanks. Yes I’m hopeful that it’ll all work out OK in the long term (just getting broadband will mean I’m about £125 a quarter better off, which is definitely a GOOD thing !!)

    As for getting sick of the inside of my house, I’ve no worries on that score, Jules – I plan to go and sit in the library to write each morning, then come home and work online afternoons, ensuring that I (a) get out of the house regularly and (b) meet real life people instead of just talking to folks via the Net/email !

    Kimberly, I’m jealous that you’ve seen POC:AWE !

  8. hey, y’all. Happy weekend!
    1. I’ve read some good nonfiction this week, starting with “Reasonable People,” by Ralph James Savarese, and my current 48 Hr. Book Challenge Book, “The Children in Room E4,” by Susan Eaton.
    2. We made plans for a trip South this summer.
    3. I get to go to a friend’s book-launch party today!
    4. Junior’s dad and I saw the movie Paris Je T’Aime last night and really liked it.
    5. Junior and I biked around the neighborhood several times. He finally enjoys riding the bike without training wheels.
    6. We welcomed the weekend’s arrival by spending Friday evening at the beach.
    7. Kittens! A friend’s cat had kittens and we got to play with them yesterday.

    Michele, I’m so glad to hear about your new job prospects! What a relief for you.

  9. Hi Ladies,
    It’s nice to back and responding to the 7-Kicks from a bit closer to home. Here’s my list for the week.
    1. I came back from China to the most amazing welcome (at 1 am) from my son. He squeezed me so hard I couldn’t breathe. It was awesome. I’m still getting hugs like that almost one week later.
    2. Going back to work was great, and the welcome from my colleagues was nice.
    3. Went to a fab 50th birthday luncheon for one of my colleagues.
    4. Got a new computer at work. My new MacBookPro is awesome!
    5. Met my new summer class this week and they seem like a really nice bunch.
    6. Received a huge ego boost this morning when lots of folks in church (many whom I don’t know) told me how much they missed me! (I’m the cantor at 8:30, so they must not have liked my replacement!)
    7. Reading a slew of great books for the 48-hour challenge.
    Oh, I could go on, but I’ll stop here. Good luck to all reading their way through the weekend.

  10. Taking a break from READING to read over everyone else’s lists.

    Michele – glad the new work sitch is maybe going to work out.

    Emmaco – you got to hold a BABY! I’m jealous. I’ve been missing my nephew so bad the past couple of weeks. That baby smell! Oh, and good luck on the interview.

    Kimberly, I love your plan for the great YA pirate novel. You have my full support and gleeful anticipation.

    Susan, say hi to the south for me! Eat lots of yummy battered & fried things for me too.

    Tricia, so glad you made it home safe and had such a warm welcome. I was so impressed at how often you were able to update us from China. It sounds like you had such an amazing time.

  11. I listed my 7kicks on the wrong post! And now, I can’t copy and paste. So it goes. Jules, I’m glad your storytelling gig went well. Sorry about the wee car accident, but I’m glad everyone’s fine.

  12. Blog Admin to the rescue! Here’s Akelda’s 7 kicks:

    1) Two Fridays ago, a kindergartener on the playground called Lucia a “stupid baby.” (I was actually there when it happened.) On Wednesday, the last day of school, Lucia’s teacher showed Lucia and me an apology note from the boy accompanied by a potted orchid.

    2) All but one of the berry roots I’d ordered online died (”That was bad!”). However, my local nursery just got in a shipment of blueberry bushes partially grown, and I replaced the dead twigs with actual berry bushes (”That was good!”).

    3) The new rhubarb plants are thriving and the pumpkin seeds Lucia picked out are growing. I’m always amazed when things in the ground actually grow.

    4) People around here grumble a lot about the rain. I’m secretly glad when it rains. Ths week, the rain brought a lot of growing things to the next level.

    5) I got an email from Hans Ostrom, thanking me for posting his “Emily/Elvis” poem. I ordered his book.

    6) I discovered a bunch of songs praising rhubarb pie. Of course, that’s understandable. Who wouldn’t praise rhubarb pie?

    7) I’ve got the best blog-friends in the blogoverse.

    (and I took them off the other post, fyi.)

  13. Yes, Michele, getting out a lot when you work from home is good.

    Kimberly, welcome! A mini-trampoline? Fun. And your book sounds interesting.

    Susan, are you coming near Nashville?

    Tricia, welcome back!

    Alkelda, aw man, #1 breaks my heart — in both happy and sad ways. Everyone sentimentalizes childhood as all rosy and perfect and smiles and innocence, but kids can be so cruel. I hope Lucia is taking it all well. A potted orchid sounds nice.

    Hey, everyone, today is Maurice Sendak’s birthday! Why do I know that? I’m a Super Sendak Nerd.

  14. Thanks for coming to the rescue, Eisha!
    Jules: Whomever thinks childhood is rosy and perfect obviously doesn’t really REMEMBER childhood. Then again, I’ve met people who claim they had happy childhoods. Hurrah for them (really, not sarcastically).

  15. ((comfort)) for the accident. Glad that you are all right.

    This week went by rather quickly!

    I signed up for a Back Stage West membership. Finally. I had to tell myself that it was okay to spend money on myself. BRING ON THE AUDITIONS. BRING ON THE ROLES.

    I attended a graduation and cheered often.

    I took part in the 48 Hour Book Challenge.

    I had a dream that was a cool story, so much so that I was _writing it down IN the dream_ and telling the other people (the characters!) that I had to get this all on paper – only to wake up. That means I didn’t have it on paper. That means I wanted to go back to sleep to finish the dream/story.

    I didn’t fall back asleep then, but I did take two naps: one on Friday night before I intended to sleep, and another on Saturday morning after I finished reading a book. I suppose my body was attempting to tell my mind that I needed sleep. I never nap. When I do, I must be incredibly exhausted or otherwise ill.

    I attended a friend’s birthday festivities. We played mini-golf. I lost my golf ball halfway through the game when I hit it hard on an uphill course and it disappeared into the brush.

    I received a box of books I’d been waiting for, and I felt eight years old.

  16. jules: glad you’re okay and congrats on the storytelling gig. Post us a pic of your felt board sometime, would you?

    eisha: peaches! LOVE peaches. Have you ever made peach salsa? Oh, and read, girl, read! We’re rooting for you and your tired eyeballs!

    My list is short and very sweet:

    1-7: My daughter graduated from high school this weekend AND lots of my family got to come AND her grandmother gave her a quilt AND I got to meet her boyfriend’s lovely family AND we ate lots of yummy food AND she is home with me for the summer before she starts at UNC this fall. I am a tired but happy momma.

  17. My head is so very foggy, but I’ll give it a shot.

    1. Watching my 8yr old tackle the rock climbing wall with her Brownie troop. She’s so brave.

    2. Staying home on Tuesday night because I hadn’t felt well during the day. But boy, was it a pleasure to not have to go to work that evening.

    3. Finally buying a stupid table for the kitchen that looks decent.

    4. Great booktalking session at an elementary school with my boss, who now has to get that I pretty good at these things.

    5. Birthday presents, birthday blogfriend greetings, birthday phone calls.

    6. I don’t know that I’d call the Girl Scout Sing-Along as fun as I’d hoped, but I actually got a little choked up seeing all those GS from all over the country. They estimated over 100,000!

    7. Successful 48 Hour Book Challenge with over sixty bloggers signed up! I continue to find that amazing.

    I’m finished with my reading, obviously, and am checking out my peeps before bedtime – which, frankly should be soon.

  18. Hi all. Jules, glad the accident wasn’t serious. Eisha, mayan chocolate — mmmmm. My favorite right now is Choxie (from Target) Fiery Hot Chocolate. It’s got chili peppers in it.

    My 7 things:

    1. New bed arrived!

    2. Bought new mattress and box spring and it has arrived too.

    3. House guests who I was able to make comfortable.

    4. Dates and more dates.

    5. Quality family time in Manhattan.

    6. A Chorus Line on Broadway

    7. My pictures arrived from Budapest, and I’ve already taken them to be framed!

    I’m looking forward to a long night of sleep now. Have not felt this tired in a long long long time.

    Happy week all!

  19. So much to celebrate here. I’m another one that has to get to bed soon, so let me just say:

    Jules, “I knew so when a young boy in front of me said, Man, that’s tiiiiiiight yo”–you do know how funny you are, right?

    All of you who participated in MR’s 48-Hour Book Challenge, bravo! And especially bravo to MR for putting all that work into organizing and hosting it. I don’t know how people with children do anything but administrate them all day long. I’m in awe of people like Jules and MR and all the other mothers whose lives I get a peek into here. You women are incredible.

    Michele, that’s such a happier outcome than you were expecting. Congratulations.

    Emma, good luck with the interviewing!!!

    Alkelda, I like that the boy wrote a note of apology, even if someone made him. That sort of correction needs to happen early and often. Let’s not give up on mean kids. I think anyone can learn to do better.

    Sara, congratulations on your daughter’s graduation! And how sweet you’ll have some mother-daughter time for a while.

    Tricia, love the bone-crushing hug from your boy. Sweet.

    Kimberly, I love what your student said to you! You must have been so happy!

    Little Willow, “Finally. I had to tell myself that it was okay to spend money on myself.” APPLAUSE.

    Susan, what friend had a book launch? Come on–drop some names!

    Eisha, yay on the insurance! What a big relief that must be! You know what that means–you now have an extra $1,500 to spend every month. Whatever will you do with it?

  20. Thanks for the good wishes, folks. I’d love to talk about the job, Jules, but seeing how I’ve already imagined myself in the position, googled the town, planned nearby scenic walks and done lots of other things that have left me fixated on the position, I’d better leave be for a while and remember the other job applications I have out there 🙂

    Akelda, I’m always amazed when things put in the ground grow too! I am also surprised when the dough magically doubles in size.

    Robin, I love your reasoning regarding Eisha’s extra $1500 a month. That is completely guilt free spending money now.

  21. Um, well, it wasn’t exactly like we actually HAD $1500 to spend on insurance for August. We were just going to try really hard not to get sick.

  22. And:

    Little Willow, BREAK A LEG! Hope you get lots of roles!

    Sara, congrats to your daughter. Which UNC is it – Asheville?

    MotherReader, WELL DONE! The 48HBC was a blast.

    Nancy, I’m so impressed – I have photos still in their paper envelopes from the past 15 years still waiting for me to put them in an album or something. You are just so on-the-ball.

  23. eisha: UNC at Chapel Hill. Oh so beautiful. And she got a job at the planetarium right there on campus.

  24. Hi, everyone. Loved reading your lists, as usual. I’m just behind in responding (still having modem issues — UGGH).

    Happy belated birthday, Pam!

    Sara, that’s great that your daughter got a job at a planetarium. That would be so fun. They always wow me.

    Hey, Robin, I keep reading great things about your book!

    Nancy, dates! WOO HOO! (I assume you mean the romantic kind and not the light snack).

    Little Willow, thanks for the comfort hug. My car is dinged, but everyone’s fine. My three-year-old slept through it!

    Did I forget anyone? Sorry if I did. I did read the lists, but I’m responding hurriedly. Hey, where’s Kelly H. this week? Wah. And we had a new visitor (Kris) last week who hasn’t returned. Ah shucks, I hope they both come back.

    Cheers to all . . .

  25. Oh and happy graduation to Sara’s daughter!

  26. Jules, yes, the romantic kind of dates, not the fruit. Although I like the fruit kind of dates, I’m not sure if they’d make the list of 7, even if I had a lot of them. 🙂

  27. I NEED to find seven good things for last week, since THIS week my hubby (Julie’s Dad) will be undergoing a bone scan and PET scan to update his cancer prognosis, and it freaks me out to wait for results. (Not trying to evoke sympathies here…)
    But here are my seven…..
    1. Happy that Julie was “softly” rear-ended and no-one was hurt or even awakened from their nap (((Miriam))).
    2. I read Lee Smith’s “Fair and Tender Ladies” for the third or fourth time and loved it just as much now as ever! The poetic language of Appalachia sooths me for some reason and I feel as if it is a book that needs to read OUTLOUD to people. I read it aloud because my hubby was in Texas, and was transformed into the endearing character of Ivy Rowe! It’s my fave book, and it is guaranteed that you will cry at the end!
    3. We had fifteen minutes of rain for the garden and yard! (More, please).
    4. I took some FABULOUS pictures of Miriam while she played in the pool at my house. She is usually so camera shy, but while sister Ada slept, she hammed it up for me!
    5. I got gobs of writing done to submit for several “Chcken Soup” books and feel really good about the new stories.
    6. Grandson Hunter’s bseball team ended up in first place after their last game Saturday morning,
    and grandson Ryan saw a beautiful double rainbow between two mountains as he camped out with his Dad.
    7. My kids and grandkids are all safe and well and healthy right now, and that is my most heart-felt prayer…. always.

  28. Hi, Mom. Aw, good list!

  29. Hi, Julie’s Mom! Please give my love to Dad Walker, and I’ll be keeping him in my thoughts.

  30. THANKS, Jules and Eisha!
    By the way, I shouldn’t have called the voice of Ivy Rowe in “Fair and Tender Ladies” the “poetic language of Appalachia”… it is more like “no-one learned us any better!”
    (tee hee) I still love reading it aloud.

  31. Congratulation that your daughter got the job she wanted. I hope she is doing well now.

  32. Menos mal que hay alguien que habla claro de este tema…. aveces se dan muchas vueltas para explicar cualquier tipo de tema y hacen que no nos enteremos de nada. Un besito

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